How we recycle

We have many recycling facilities in Qatar to collect sort and process household mixed dry recyclables. Our facilities include state of the art sorting lines for the key waste streams, Plastic, Paper Aluminium & Metal products.

Plastic Recycling 

There are various types of plastic that we recycle such as PET Bottles, Plastic Containers, Plastic Jugs, Plastic tubs and many more.  These will be sorted, segregated and recycled according to the type.  For example with the PET Bottles, sorters ensure that PET Bottles are separated from other types of plastic recyclables.  After this, it will go into a machine for taking out labels and caps.  Now the PET Bottles will be crush into small pieces which is then called PET Flakes.  These will be rinse to wash off remaining stickers and adhesives attached to it.  Then it will go to a floatation tank where PET Flakes sink and if there still non-PET materials, these will float and then will be separated.  PET Flakes now will go to drying and packing.  Here the PET Flakes is now ready to be turn into fiber and polyester.  Some of the products produce are fleece, clothing and many more.

Paper and cardboards

A large volume of household waste is paper based products from newspapers to cardboard. We accept these materials for sorting and recycling in Qatar for re-use in other paper based sectors

Aluminium Recycling

Aluminum Recyclables like beverage cans, aluminum wrapper and foils, utensils made of aluminum are all suitable for recycling.  After collection the various types of aluminium are sorted. After segregation the materials are cleaned to remove any impurities clean and should be pure aluminum before being briquetted.  Finally it will be briquetted and now ready for smelting to make a new aluminum product.

Metal Recycling

We recycle all kinds of metal according to its thickness like metal cans, pots, pans, iron.  The processing and recycling includes segregating, cleaning from any impurities, crushing, shredding and cutting into smaller pieces for smelting and re-use.