For the Householder

At Bin-Ovation we are all about clarity, complete clarity in fact about what waste goes into which bin in your street.

We want to use the latest technology to help you Reduce Re-use & Recycle better. We are excited to know that we are helping you do your bit too, and we  thought the best way to do that is with an App. An App that has detailed local information to suit you.

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For Local Councils

At Bin-Ovation for Local Councils we propose A hi-tech education and awareness communication tool- three core offerings

  1.  Absolute complete detailed clarity of information for the householder with pictures icons and text
  2. Direct Communication capability through Push Notifications
  3. Statistical analysis of householder use of the App for marketing purposes

We support the need to reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment

Bin-Ovation App Features

What goes in which bin?

What do you put in which colour of bin? The Bin-Ovation App tells you which items to put into each colour of bin so that you can make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

News and Information

The Bin-Ovation App keeps you up to date with any news and updates concerning bin collection and recycling. We will send you updates of closing times for recycling centres and any changes to bin collection times provided by your local council.

Set Reminders

The Bin-Ovation App allows you to set reminders of which days which bins are collected ensuring you will never forget to put the correct bin out for collection again.

Recycling Centres

Need to know where your nearest recycling centre is? The Bin-Ovation App can provide directions from your current  using our geo-location feature within the App.

Tips and Advice

Need some advice ? The Bin-Ovation Apps provides a wide range of tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle and provides advice on recycling items including electrical items and furniture.

Your council not included?

If you find your council is not included then please fill in the on-line form on the contact page requesting your council to be included within our App. We will pass the information on to your local council.

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So do you want to know exactly what goes in your various bins and what needs to go to your local Recycling Centre?

Our App gives absolute clarity on how all household waste items should be treated in your council area using photos, icons and council specific instructions.

The Bin-Ovation App is available for both Android and iOS Devices. For more information please click on the respective links on the right.

Best thing of all it’s free!