Sign Up Qatar – Residential

Please fill out the form on the following page to sign up for Qatar Bin-Ovation Commercial service:

Terms & Conditions of Bin-Ovation Qatar services:
1. Free 120-Litre recycling bin(s) will be provided to your residence.
2. You are encouraged to download the free Bin-Ovation App for all information relating to applicable and permissible materials
3. Payment maybe through either cash or monthly bank transfer direct to Bin-Ovation Limited Qatar partner Global Metals LLC.
4. Payment is required to be paid in advance or each monthly collection.
5. Collection dates schedule will be confirmed upon delivery and receipt of the bin(s).  These may be subject to change.
6. Damaged or misplaced bin(s) will remain the responsibility of the resident and be repaid to the provider at a rate of QAR 400 per 120lt bin.
7. For Apartments and shared premises access and bin storage location should be coordinated by the resident with the building administration or security ahead of collections.
8. Copy of Qatar ID should be provided together with this agreement. Scanned copy or photograph submitted by email is acceptable.
9. Recycling Service minimum duration is six months upon signing this agreement.
10. Bin-Ovation retains the right of ownership of the bin(s) and reserves the right to remove the bin(s) due to contract completion, bin(s) damage or non-payment.